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(1978) - Jubilee Celebration
75 Years - Underwood, ND

       Diamond Jubilee Food Committee:
Mrs. Leslie Landenberger, Mrs. Ervin Schafer, Mrs. Lloyd
Schafer and Mrs. Weston Johannes

Diamond Jubilee choices: Sloppy Joe Luncheon; Chicken Bar-B-Que;
Saturday Reunion Banquet; Sunday Buffalo Feed...


George Werre and Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Schafer.

Shirley Simenson & Fire Chief Hugh Sayler


Volunteer servers from Underwood churches.

Slicing Buffalo and 500 Chickens on an open fire...

Carl Radke, Dave Robinson, Stan Sayler

Chickens for Saturday night's dinner...


Ron Sigurdson cooking 500 chickens...

More than 1200 people were served at each meal

Jessie Pfaff (class of 1918) and her sister Alvina.


Dr. E.J. Hepper and Reuben Broneske.

Prizes for Game Winners - Underwood Fire
Department donated one of their trucks for the
 public address system at the games...

Underwood Jaycees selling helium filled balloons
for kids to enjoy. Jeff Johnson and Jim Lizius had
a great time..

Free Coca Cola - First Security Bank - President
M.K. Kjelstrup, Linda Stengel and Bev Walker...

Fun race event...Nancy Heger gives her son
son directions about the race....


Listening to mom about the street games sponsored
by the Jubilee Committee and handled by Jaycees.

"On your mark, Get set, GO..." Children's fun street
games and races...

Wilton-McClusky Square Dance Club demonstration
near City Hall before the Free Street Dance...


Reunion Souvenirs: Coffee Cups, buttons, shirts...

Outdoor Sunday community church service...

Sunday church service with The Community Choir.

(1978) - Early Day Costumes - A Family Portrait

Debbie Jesser, Don Jesser, Jeff Jesser, Greg
Jesser, Eleanor Liebel, Virginia Jesser,
Maggie Jesser


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