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UHS Class Photos


(2003) - Class of 1956 - 47th Reunion

(Front) - Karen Freborg (Radke) - Minot, ND; Doyle Radke - Minot, ND; Vicky Ulrich (Stumvoll) - Glasgow, MT; Claudia Johannes (Gullicks) - Bismarck, ND; --(Back) - Clarence Reuter - Salem, OR Shirley Clark (Seher) - Jamestown, ND; Claudia Ash (Tauer-Stromberg) - Underwood, ND; Yvonne Benske (Andrews) -
           Bismarck, ND
Robert Mann  - Plentywood, MT;

(July 2006)

50th Class Reunion - Underwood, N. D.
(10 of us - out of our 1956 graduating class of 18)


(Front) - Bernardine Thomsen (Cundiff);   , Claudia Ash (Tauer-Stromberg);Karen Freborg (Radke); Yvonne Benske (Andrews);  Vicky Ulrich (Stumvoll)  -- (Back) - Bob Rasmusson; Jim Boardman; Bob Mann; Doyle Radke; Claudia Johannes (Gullickson) 

Class of 1956 E-mail:
Ash, Claudia (Tauer-Stromberg) =
Boardman, Jim = JBBoard58@q.com
Freborg, Karen
(Radke) = Kradke@min.midco.net
Radke, Doyle =

"Welcome Class of 1956"


UHS Class of 1956 Photos

Great 'Mini-Reunion' hosted by former Underwood mayor,
Claudia (Ash) Tauer-Stromberg

Special 50th Anniversary Welcome Cake

Reminiscing of the 'Fabulous Fifties'

"Fun, with old friends!"

"These photos bring back great memories!"

"What a difference 'fifty years' makes!"

 Jim BoardmanKaren Freborg (Radke)Claudia Ash (Tauer-Stromberg)Claudia JohannesDoyle Radke
    Jim        Karen    Claudia A.  Claudia J.   Doyle     Yvonne     Bob M.        Vickie      Bob R.    Bernardine

(Jim Boardman was with this class at Underwood, but graduated from Central Valley H.S., Spokane, WA)

Classic Cars of the Fifties!

1957 Chevy Bel Air 4-door Hardtop

1955 Chevy Bel Air 4-door Sedan

"I wonder what this conversation is about..."

"Do you remember the time that...?"

"I wonder what's in this suprise gift!"

"A cup of coffee and other 'goodies' for the class of 1956!"

(2003) - Class of 1957 - 46th Reunion

(Front) - Faye Ann Berg (Luscombe) - Richland, MI; Carlyle Eman - Webster, SD;  Myrna Freborg - Bemidji, MN; Donn Iverson - Shertz, TX; (2nd Row) - Jean Vonderheide (Kirgiss) - Hector, MN; Alan Schauer - Rio Rancho, NM;  Janice Goehring (Blegen) - Minneapolis, MN; Daniel Anderson - Davis, CA; --  (Back) - Lyle Blatchford - Omaha, NE; Mervin Anderson - Driscoll, ND

Class of 1957 E-mail:
Anderson, Dan =
Berg, Faye Ann
(Luscombe) = FLuscombe1@comcast.net
Freborg, Myrna = trapper7@paulbunyan.net

Iverson, Donn
= DonnIverson@att.net
Stockert, Judi (Larson) = JudiLarson@yahoo.com
Vonderheide, Jean
(Kirgiss) = JKirgiss@frontiernet.net 

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