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(2003) - Centennial Event Photos #5.

"Underwood Centennial" - (1903-2003)

Earl Koenig VFW Post Memorial

Rededication Ceremony - July 5, 2003

VFW Post No. 6940, established in 1946,  was named in honor of Sgt. Earl D. Koenig, son of C.C. Koenig of Underwood, who was on e of the first Underwood boys to lose  his life in the service of his country during World War II.

In 1949 women formed the VFW Auxiliary with 15 charter members. In the early 1950s the VFW Post first dedicated a Memorial Plaque to those who gave their lives during World Wars I and II.

(1950s) - First Memorial Plaque to Underwood Veterans

Memorial to Veterans serving in WWII - (Located near the railroad depot)
Sgt. Earl D. Koenig
Norman Skubinna
Wyman Thompson
Harold Pfaffengut
Donovan Blake
Ronald Bartley
Norman Hunsaid
Wayne Wood
Eugene Weber
Alvin Sayler
Gordon Greenshield
Albert Buchert
John C. Baar
Irvin Kringle
John Bauer
Ira Solenberger
Reinhold Schafer
Keith Maloney

Wyman Thompson - (UHS Class of 1937)

(Wyman was Underwood's first serviceman casualty, when his
B15 bomber crashed in Bangor, ME, a month before WWII started.)

Harold "Butch" Snyder (UHS Class of 1939)  |  Ray Thompson

Jadee Neil Johnson and his wife LaVonne (Fay Hoy) Johnson

(UHS Class of 1937)

2003 Underwood Centennial Parade:

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