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Underwood, North Dakota Public School k-12

Underwood Public School - Album #2.

(1913) - Underwood School Sewing Class

Carrie Schuh, Theresa Smith,  ___ Nordquist, Pearl Carter, Leone Duffy,
Josephine Grochow, Helen Sayler, Carrie schmidt

UHS Class of 1961

Class of 1961 - Underwood High School

(L-R) - Darlene Mayer, Mary Reuter, Elvin Thorson, Velma Landenberger Judy Rupp (glasses in the back), Harlan Jesser (back of his head), Gary Blatchford, David LeRoy, Susan Hepper, Carolyn Stringer, Duaine Ash, Pat Tuntland, Barb Martin (behind Pat), Gary Repnow, Betty Mautz

(1989) - Planning for an All-School Reunion

Kathy Anderson, Tom and Delila Repnow and Linda Stengel


2003 Photo of Vonderheide Gymnasium - Underwood School

(2003) - Vonderheide Gymnasium - Underwood Public School

Vonderheide Gymnasium

A North Dakota Winter School Day!

(July, 2000) File Cabinets, School Hallway, Storage Room for Old Senior Portraits!
These interesting photos of the interior of Underwood High School were taken by Heather Johnson (daughter of Gus Johnson - Class of '59)

Underwood Public SchoolUnderwood School Song
(To the tune of Notre Dame Victory March)

Cheer! Cheer for Underwood High
Beaming the bright stars up in the sky.
We are asking for night's passing
You make the points while we shout "Hooray!"
Purple is shining clearly tonight,
All fans are betting on purple and white.
We will cheer with all our might
In spirits of our own high.

Underwood School - 1905-1925 Before the Vonderheide Gymnasium was attached! "Bring back any Memories?" Underwood Public School - Underwood, North Dakota

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