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Photo Memories Album #10.

(1946) - Scouts in front of Underwood School

Photo courtesy of Jean (Vonderheide) Kirgiss

(Front) - Grant Bergquist - Johnny Busch, Gene Johnson, Bob Stillings, 'Tip' Miller
(Back) - Fredolph Anderson, Jerry Vonderheide, Paul Westby, Robert Hassler, Donald Eman
(Fredolph and Donald are 'hanging' on Johnny and 'Tip')


(1977) - Cub Scout Webelos - Pack 78

Leaders Claudia and Chuck Tauer with Jamin Tauer, Paul Anderson, Patrick Dzuick,

(1945) - Colleen Miller's Birthday Party

Photo courtesy of Jean (Vonderheide) Kirgiss

(Front) - Barbara Bergquist, Sonja Miller, Colleen Miller, Jean Vonderheide Claudia Johannes, Gail Jacobson
(Back) - Joanne Eisenmann, Jean Berg, Donna Kay Anderson, Lola Ann Johannes

(1946) - Underwood School Spring Picnic

(1st Row) - Myrna Freborg, Chuck Tauer, Kenny Hepper, Jean Vonderheide, Skippy Hunt, Danny Anderson, Lyle Blatchford
(2nd Row)
- Faye Ann Berg, Joyce Schauer, Rhoda Rasmusson, Judy Stockert, Janice Goehring, Karen  Freborg, Claudia Ash, Marlys and Mervin Anderson
(3rd Row) - ?Joan Miller?, ___?, Roger Jacobson, Jimmy Anderson, Buddy Anderson, Allen Schauer, Viola Ulrich
(4th Row) - ?Jerry Olson?, Jim Vonderheide, Leon Filling, Verdjie Anderson, Colleen Miller, ?Bev Miller?, Barbara Berquist

(1945) - Baby Birthday Party

Jean Vonderheide, Nancy Johnson, Faye Ann Berg, Sonja Miller, Danny Anderson, Rhoda Rasmusson, Ken Hepper, Mrs. Judy Hepper
- Gus Johnson, ?Hank Rasmusson?

(1947) - Methodist Vacation Bible School

(1st Row) - Gus Johnson, Norman MacPhee, ___?, Diana Fandrick, Jane Gay Roseth, ___?, Karen Freborg, Osbey Sayler, Kay Jacobson
(2nd Row) - Joe Bergquist, Jean Vonderheide, Barbara Bergquist
(3rd Row) - Gail Jacobson, ___?, Myrna Freborg, ___?, ___?, Gary Roseth
(4t Row) - Richie Stillings?, Jim Schell, Chuck Tauer, Colleen Miller (leaning against railing)
(5th Row) - Jerry Olson, Jim Vonderheide, ___?
(6th Row) - Claudia Schatz, ?Shirley Schatz?, Idella Schatz, Nancy Johnson, ___?, 'Tip' Miller (holding flag)
(last Row) - Grant Bergquist (railing), Alice Borchardt, ___?, Ella Borchardt, ___?, Johnny Samuelson (railing)

(1945) - Sonja Miller's 5th Birthday Party

Judy Stockert, Sonja Miller, Jean Vonderheide, Marlys and Mervin Anderson, Myrna Freborg,
Colleen Miller, Linda Sayler, Rhoda Rasmusson, Faye Ann Berg


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