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(1978) - Jubilee Celebration
75 Years - Underwood, ND

(Front) - Cleome LeRoy, Pauline Rosberg, Tami Brown, Shirley Wohl, Patty Sigurdson, Ella Johannes,
Claudia Tauer, Linda Ash, Doreen Radke, Cathie Hurni
(2nd Row) - Gene Sayler, Kay Scott, Hilda Tauer, Marthella Brown, Sandi Schafer, Sharon Koenig,  Barb Wilke, Clara Mautz, Grace Carlson, Corine Lutz, Mildred Brown (piano accompanist) and David LeRoy (director).
(3rd Row) - Paul Brown, Charles Tauer, Rick Anderson, Elaine Enockson, Ruby Stadick, Denise Flath,
Delilah Freborg, Dorothy LeRoy, Wallace Gradin, Harley Hassler, Chuck Repnow.
(4th Row) - Paul Meiners, James Johannes, Gordon Meiners, Terry Brown, Dwight Enockson, Ferdinand Koenig, Wesley Gerber, Wesley Lutz, Paul Sigurdson, Jerry Bloss, Harold Lutz, Mike Milkey, Layton Freborg (narrator).


David LeRoy: The State Song: "North Dakota"

Layton Freborg narrates during the Choir Concert

Performing Skits With the Community Choir!

"Cruising Down The River"
(Mr. & Mrs. Don Paulson)

"Tea for Two"
Mr. & Mrs. Burnell Johnson)

Tom Johnson (Class of '58)
 Master of Ceremonies.

Reunion Banquet Entertainment by
Donna Anderson


Layton Freborg, (Class of '51) and past
School Board President presented a
brief history of our schools.

John 'Tip' Miller - (St. Paul, MN)

After recalling some memories of  years past, Tip concluded with a "new"
song on North Dakota which strangely resembled the theme song from the
musical "Oklahoma."


Reunion Banquet Entertainment

A vocal solo by Darlene (Wilke) Fischer.

Musical entertainment on the saw by Rev. Walter Larson of Bismarck

Alumni tour in a high school hallway.

Escorted tours through the high school and
the new elementary school


Memories & Class Photos - H.S. School Hallway


Checking visitor's list for old friends...

UHS Alumni completing registration forms...

(1978) - Former Underwood Homecoming Queens

Gail Boots Olson (1974); Connie Boger Scheer (1973)
Marcia Berg Blotske (1972); Marilyn Boger Ash (1971);
Debbie Schock (1978); Susan Sayler (1977);
Mary Fransen (1970)


Zona O'Shean (1967-68); Yvonne Benske Andrews
Linda Mautz Lunde (1958-59); Lu Heger
(1968-69); Myrtle Sayler Breeding (1949-50);
Mildred Sayler Swanson (1951-52); Susan Cleveland
Bayer (1966-67); Rhoda Rasmussen Pfotenhauer

Midwest Auction Building

Reviewing photos and artifacts about our
town's first 75 years...



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