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"Families, Anniversaries, Special Occasions" - Album #2.

(1976) - Community Retirement Recognition
    The Ervin Hepper Family

Dr. E.J. and Judy Hepper, - Underwood's Dentist for 42 years.
Dr. Ken and Carol Hepper, Dr. and Mrs. Norman Hepper (brother)

(1978) - The Gilbert Sayler Family

Esther and Gilbert Saylor, Barton, Elton, Neoma, Lyla, Trenton, Cleaton

(1974) - The Ernest Miller Family

89th Birthday Celebration - Ernest Miller
Sonja, Colleen and John "Tip"

The Edwin and Helen Landenberger Family

Donald, Leila, Gerald, Velma, Gary

(1973) - The Reuben and Martha Koenig Family

Ron Johannes, Chandra Johannes (Longnecker), Joel Koenig, Cindy Johannes (Klingbell) Martha Koenig, Sid Johannes, Reuben Koenig, SueEllen Koenig (Podoll), Robert Johannes, Karen Koenig (Johannes) Aaron Koenig, Sharan Gentz (Koenig) Roland Koenig, Will Koenig

The Melvin and Rose Koenig Family

The David LeRoy Family

(1991) - The Kay and Gordon Scott Family

The Inez and Clifford Stadick Family

Gwen, LaRae, Holly, Penny, Ashley, Inez, Clifford

The Mann Family

Elaine Rosberg (Class of '36), Margaret (Tollerud) ('58), Audrey (Crum) ('55), Bob ('56)

The Henry Westby Family

Rachel ('58), Paul ('49), Elida, Henry, DeVon ('51)

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