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 Underwood, North Dakota

Church, Family, School -- 3 important entities in the formation of our lives and attitudes.
I'm sure we all have some good memories as we recognize the names of some of the
pastors listed below. Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals. (Please send the names of any other
pastors that should be included on this list to: )

100th Anniversary Celebration - Underwood United Methodist Church - JL 5 and 6

Photo Courtesy of Jim Boardman

St. Bonaventure Catholic Church - (est. 1906)


In the fall of 1905, the Rev. Bonaventure Hansen, O.S.B., of Bismarck visited Underwood regularly and parishioners completed the new church in 1906. The first baptism took place in June, of Viola Grabinger; the first Mass was offered in July. When the church was built there were about 34 families, representing 150 members. The first spiritual mission was preached in July, 1908, in both the German and English languages. The parish house was started in 1917 and St. Anne's Altar Society was formed with 31 members. High point in membership was 1955 with 364 members. Priests who served the parish include Father Bonaventure Hansen, Father Charles Cannon, Father William Wigger (1927-1949), Father Thomas J. Dolan, Father Stephen Kraljic, Father Hugh C. McGovern, Father William Rushford and Father Joseph Pirc. The new church replaced the original St. Bonaventure's in 1963 and includes a parish hallFather Ed Korte  (2003)

 100th Anniversary!

Underwood United Methodist Church celebrated its 100th Anniversary on July 5th, 2003.

Underwood Methodist Church Merthodist Church

 United Methodist Church - (est. 1903)

(1903) - The original church was finished in 1904 with Rev. A.G. Runions as its first pastor. In 1925 when the school burned, some of the classes were held in the church. Rev.Frank Peterson, W. F. Hutman, J.W. McPeek, N.L. Rockwell Jrl, F.W. Turner, David J. Lane, R. C. Bedinger, J.W. Danford, Henry Hulme, Leslie R. Burgum, Earl E. Reisner, F.F. Boothby, D.C. McGuire, F.L. Watkins, F.W. Gress, J.W. Frisbee, Rev. Kenneth Wiley, also served this church. in 1950 a new addition and remodeled church were dedicated. Rev. Pat Durbin was the local pastor. (1975) - Rev. Clarence Ketterling. Other pastors include Rev. C. James MacKay, Rev. Cecil Stanley, (1983) - Gerald Fike, Gary and Debra Ball-Kilbourne, (1985) - Kenrad Pederson, Dave Scarff, Rev. Jeanine Kersey-Russell  (2003).

(1975) - Rev. and Mrs. Clarence Ketterling (25th Anniversary)
Kathy and Jerry

United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church

Methodist Church

Bud Stengel, Marie and Syl Vonderheide

(1947) - Methodist Vacation Bible School

(1st Row) - Gus Johnson, Norman MacPhee, ___?, Diana Fandrick, Jane Gay Roseth, ___?,
Karen Freborg, Osbey Sayler, Kay Jacobson
(2nd Row) - Joe Bergquist, Jean Vonderheide, Barbara Bergquist
(3rd Row) - Gail Jacobson, ___?, Myrna Freborg, ___?, ___?, Gary Roseth
(4t Row) - Richie Stillings?, Jim Schell, Chuck Tauer, Colleen Miller (leaning against railing)
(5th Row) - Jerry Olson, Jim Vonderheide, ___?
(6th Row) - Claudia Schatz, ?Shirley Schatz?, Idella Schatz, Nancy Johnson,
___?, 'Tip' Miller (holding flag)
(last Row) - Grant Bergquist (railing), Alice Borchardt, ___?, Ella Borchardt,
___?, Johnny Samuelson (railing)

First Baptist Church

Baptist Church Undewrwood Baptist Church

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church of Underwood

(May 18, 1946) - The First Baptist Church was organized with 41 charter members. The parsonage was dedicated in 1948, when the Rev. Fred J. Knalson became the first pastor. Church additions were dedicated in 1950. Rev. Richard A. Grenz began his ministry in 1955. The Rev. Gordon Voegele served the church starting in 1960, and a north addition was made in 1962. Rev. W. Weber began his ministry in 1963, followed by Rev. Oliver Bender in 1969. Rev. Wesley Gerber began his ministry in 1975. Rev. Doug Sathren (2003)

(1975) - Rev. Oliver Bender and Family

St. John's Lutheran Church - (est. 1902)
Missouri Synod

St. John's Lutheran Church

(February 26, 1902) - The first worship service was held in the Weller School (5 mi. SW of town) by the Rev. Fred Helmstetter. In 1903 Pastor H.H. Freirtag helped in the formal organization of St. John's Lutheran Church. A church was built in 1905 and was replaced by a new church in 1947. Rev. John Hinck began service at the church in 1906, followed by Rev. Valentine Walther in 1907. Other pastors in the following years included Revs. Hinck, Schumm, Thober, Budde and Bruno Holm. Pastor L.G. (Lorenz) Weber was presented a new car in 1950 when he had completed 25 years of service. Student Pastor Lee Strackbein served next until Pastor G.H. Hinz arrived. After his departure in 1953 several pastors served this congregation: Bernard Gorentz, Rev. Leonard Ristow, Elsworth Borchart, Ronald Bongard, Curtis Foreman, Thomas Teske, Leroy Kellerman and Rev. Robert Butler. Rev. Dean Hartley  (2003)

 Alexander Presbyterian Church (PCA) - (est. 1911)

The old Reformed Presbyterian Church - Last service, July 23, 1978

Presbyterian Church

(October 1, 1911) - The Presbyterian Church was organized under the direction of Rev. R.H. Meyer of Bismarck Presbytery. From 1911 to 1929 services were held in the Peck School House (4 mi. W. and 1 mi. S. of town). A new building was dedicated April 21, 1929. From 1936 to 1965 the church experienced some name changes and affiliations and finally became the Reformed Presbyterian Church Evangelical Synod. The above picture is a photo of the church in 1978. Pastors include the Rev. E.E. Matteson, H.P. Fink, J.M. Humphreys, H.M. Gulson, The Rev. Fred Christ, Philip Clark, John Hoogstrate, Robert Milliken, Sanders Campbell, Robert Hoyle, Norman McCall, Duke W. Johnson and Paul Meiners. Pastor Lynell Friesen (2003)

Augustana Lutheran Church (ELCA) - (est. 1911)

Pastor Daniel D. Maurer (2003)

(July 13, 1911) - When the Augustana Lutheran Church was organized its full name was the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Augustana Synod of North America. Rev. Emil O. Valberg was one of the original organizers of the congregation. In 1963 the Augustana Lutheran Church merged with the American Evangelical Lutheran Church, The finnish Evangelical Church (Suomi Synod) and the United Lutheran Church in America. Rev. Marlin Snyder was pastor in 1978. The parish is part of the Red River Valley Synod. Rev. Daniel D. Maurer is the pastor in 2003.

Birka Lutheran Church (ELCA) - (est. 1906)

Birka Lutheran Church is a small, but active rural church
located seven miles west of the town of Falkirk on Highway No. 20.

(1906) - The Birka Lutheran Church was organized by Rev. C.A. Larson for pioneer families from Sweden. In April 1953, the congregation began a major remodel of the church building. However, in August it was struck by lightning and completely destroyed. A new church was dedicated and cornerstone ceremony held in May, 1954. The Underwood Parish consists of three churches: Augustana, Birka and Bethel. Rev. Marlin Snyder was pastor in 1978.  Rev. Daniel D. Maurer is the pastor in 2003.

First Assembly of God

Rev. Al Johnson (2003)

(1952) - First Congregational Church
(1966) - United Church of Christ Congregational


Three Churches formed the First Congregational Church in 1952: St. John Congregational Church organized in the Benedict area in 1912, St. Paul Congregational Church organized in Coleharbor in 1908, and the Zoar Congregational Church organized in Underwood in 1908. In 1966 the church was joined with the United Church of Christ and was renamed United Church of Christ Congregational. Rev. Dave Lennington


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