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Underwood, North Dakota Public School k-12

Underwood Public School - Album #4.

(1920) - The Underwood Band

Underwood Band

(Front Row): Oscar Sayler, Jerry Eisenmann, Percy Evander, Frank Eisenmann
(Middle Row): Augie Paul, Calix Bauer, _?_ Carlson, Henry Habeck, Dick Quartz
(Back Row): _?_ Ekstrom, John Henricks, Hans Paul, Henry Koenig,
Walter Murphy, _?_ Carlson, Fred Koenig

(1941) - Underwood High School Band

(Front) - Elaine Knudtson, Mildred Sigurdson, Bonnie Bartley,
Jean Ellis, Vinette wilson, Stella Schell, Alice Scott, Lois Johnson
(2nd Row) - Ernest Geiseke, Delayne Clark, Edith Johannes, Elaine Weber,
Vivian Adams, Wilmar Sayler, Burnell Johnson, Vernon Jenson, Beverly Henricks, Faye Stillings.
(3rd Row) - Leo Leidholm, Betty Snyder, Clarice Hassler, Ray Leidholm,
Reuben Johnson, Ray Thompson, Darwin Johannes, Elmer Schere
(4th Row) - Mike Miller, Norman Hepper, Wallace Gradin,
Kritchfield Krug, (director); Earl Koenig, Dick Spielman, Howard Payne

(1949) - Underwood High School Band

(Front) - John Miller, Devon Westby, Verdjie Everson, Dale Kreller,
Donald Kesserling, Donna Anderson, Luella Goehring
(Middle) - Layton Freborg, Richard Wenger, Harlan Wilke, Clifford Thompson, Jack Henricks,
James Sayler, Jerome Vonderheide, Gerald Johnson, James Vonderheide, Grant Berquist, Mr. Sayler
(Back) - Eugene Johnson, Freedolph Anderson, Elwood Sayler, Craig Bartley,
Geraldine Gustafson, Violet Leidholm, Grace Wenger, Shirley Swanson, Jean Berg

(1950) - UHS Band

(Front) - Donald Kesselring, Jerome Vonderheide, Cliff Thompson, Dale Kreller,
Ronald Leidholm, Joyce Larson, Myldred Sayler, Myrtle Sayler
(Middle) - Donna Anderson, Violet Leidholm, Devon Westby, Grace Wengere, Shirley Schwandt, Jean Berg,
Freedolph Anderson, Charles Brown, Delbert Sayler, Duane Brown, James Sayler, Director Waldemar Green
(Back) - Jack Henricks, Marlene Stadick, Gail Jacobson, Colleen Miller, Delores Pulver,
John Miller, Harlan Wilke, James Vonderheide, Dick Wenger, Delbert Sayler

(1950) - UHS Band

Director Waldemar Green

(1957) - UHS Marching Band

Underwood Public SchoolUnderwood School Song
(To the tune of Notre Dame Victory March)

Cheer! Cheer for Underwood High
Beaming the bright stars up in the sky.
We are asking for night's passing
You make the points while we shout "Hooray!"
Purple is shining clearly tonight,
All fans are betting on purple and white.
We will cheer with all our might
In spirits of our own high.

Underwood School - 1905-1925 Before the Vonderheide Gymnasium was attached! "Bring back any Memories?" Underwood Public School - Underwood, North Dakota

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