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Underwood, North Dakota
History Album #2. = (1930-1939)

(1933) - 30th Anniversary Parade

Blaine Whipple, owner and founder of the Underwood News
and Edith Erickson, Postmistress

(1936) - First Security Bank

First Security Bank - Krist Kjelstrup, George Swanson

 Krist Kjelstrup and George Swanson

___?, Krist Kjelstrup (far back left), William Gogstetter,
C.O. Thompson
(in suit), Elmer Samuelson (in back)

Security State Bank was organized in 1903, with $10,000.00 capital stock, by John S. Johnson, Louis H. Schellback and Reuben J. Johnson. Krist Kjelstrup served the bank until his death in 1944, when C.O. Thompson was made manager of the bank. Dr. E.J. Larson was named president of the bank.  By 1925 the bank had deposits and $35,000.00 capital. I Other banker names remembered include George E. Swanson, John Reuter, and Henry G. Rasumsson. At one point three banks were on main street. In 1909, John Reuter organized the First National Bank, and in 1917 Calex Bauer organized the First State Bank. Capital of the three banks totaled almost $5 Million.

In the 1920s, hard times came to the plains, bad weather, rotten crops, all took their toll on the economy of Underwood. First State Bank closed it's doors, and by June, 1929 the other two banks were in trouble and the Security State Bank and First National Bank merged and changed the name to First Security Bank. When C.O. Thompson died in 1965, Q.O. Sayler became manager followed by Duane Schuh in 1970. A third generation Kjelstrup, David Kjelstrup joined the bank in 1971.



(1923) - Underwood RR Depot

Unidentified Depot Agent

(1925) - Underwood Post Office

Unidentified Postal Workers

(1927) - Nelson's Store

One of the many early merchandise stores.

(1932) - Law Office

Lawyer's Office - John Haugen

Attorney John Haugen

(1933) - Underwood Barber Shop

Unidentified Barbers waiting for the next customer

(1933) - Hulsebus Billiard Parlor



One of Underwood's Early Drug Stores, which also served as a hospital. Owned, by Mr. Cullen, and in the rooms above the store, Dr. Fisher had hospital rooms.


(19--)  Evander's Drug Store

Evander's Drug Store

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Evander, son Percy and friend Emma Turnblad.

(19--) -

(19--) -

(19--) -

(19--) - Underwood Drug Store

The following photos were submitted by Lorna Neary.
Courtesy of the
McLean County Historical Society:

Drug Store - Underwood, ND - Cap McCullen, Proprietor

(19--) - Drug Store - Cap McCullen, Proprietor

(19--) - One of the first General Merchandise Stores

Quissels Store

(19--) - Grocery Store

Grocery Store - Underwood, ND - John Snyder, Proprietor

Grocery Store - Underwood, ND - John Snyder, Proprietor

(1939) - Olson Hardware Store

(1939) Olson Hardware Store - Underwood, North Dakota

Notice the rifles in the glass case on the left, the Cream Separator, Pot Belly Stoves, Range Ovens.

(1939) Olson Hardware Store - Underwood, North Dakota

Cooking Stoves (Antiques today), Phonograph, Bedroom Furniture upstairs.

Clothing Store - Frank Eisenmann, Proprietor

Clothing Store - Underwood, ND - Frank Eisenmann, Proprietor

(19--) - Hardware Store

Olson and Smith Hardware Store - Underwood, ND

Olson and Smith Hardware Store - Underwood, ND

Underwood Fair Grounds and Race Track

(19--) - Underwood Fairgrounds and Race Track

Underwood Fair Grounds and Race Track

(19--) - Steam-Powered, Belt Driven Threshing Machine

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