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Underwood, North Dakota
History Album #3. = (1940-1954)

Underwood Depot and Elevators

(1941) - Underwood Train Depot and Elevators

Underwood RR Depot, Flour Mills and Elevators

Rich History: From 1908 to 1940 Sears sold about 100,000 kit homes by mail. Many of these well-built homes in Underwood and the surrounding rural areas are still standing today.

(1942) - Veloura Busch and her mother, Mrs. Roland Busch

(1949) - Main Street Still Not Paved!

(1949-50) - Snowstorm (2nd building is the Henrick's House)

Photo Courtesy of Jim Boardman

(1950s) - Boardman's Texaco at the entrance to Underwood
(Across the street from Cromer's Park Inn)

(1950s) - Underwood City Hall

City Hall | Movie Screen surrounded by Advertising
Olson and Smith (Hardware/Furniture); First National Bank, J.M. Samuelson Co (John Deere), Kreitinger's Store, Underwood Grain and Supply Co., Henricks and Landgren (Ford Garage/Ford Products), Underwood Hotel, Security State Bank, C.F. Schempp (General Merchandise/Dry Goods), Koenig Brothers (General Merchandise) , Bauer Merc. Co. (Hardware/Implements)

(1950s) - Garrison Dam Boom Towns



There was never a dull moment around the 'boom towns' extending less than 10 miles from Riverdale to Gateway. In a 2-mile stretch about 1,000 residents made up the towns of SILVER CITY, BIG BEND, DAKOTA CITY AND SITKA. There were 12 bars catering to hard working, hard living Garrison Dam construction workers, the most famous called the Dakota Bar.

   SILVER CITY  (1946) Had Jimmy's Bar, Silver Dollar Bar, Silver City Cafe, Standard Service Station and the Silver City Garage and a taxi service.


First few houses built in Silver City:

(Courtesy of Bill Nehring, Bowbells, ND)

   BIG BEND across the highway had the Big Bend Hardware, Art's Service Station, Big Bend Drug Store, Steve's Bar, LaValley's barber shop, M & C Clothing, Horace Wood's Cafe, Cities Service Station, a bowling alley, Assembly of God Church and the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church.

  SITKA had McNulty's Airplane Service, Sitka Cottage Cafe, and a grocery store. East of Sitka was the Ranger Bar in American City.




SCRIP (store in-trade tokens) from the Quality Super Market in Sitka.
(Courtesy of Bill Nehring, Bowbells, ND)

Photo Courtesy of Jerry McQuay; Pierre, SD (2005)

(Former Sitka Resident - 1950-54) "My parents lived there during the building of the Garrison Dam from 1950-54. I was eight years old when we left in the Summer of 1954. The map of Sitka


was drawn by what I and my older brother could remember. My parents had taken this photo of our house which shows some of the are of what Sitka looked like. An 'X' on the map is where the house was located. "

"Sitka had a one-room school house that held class for grades one through three. Then you had to take a bus to Riverdale. Sitka also had a string of apartment houses that were located back behind the store."

"I remember an airplane hangar that was a house with two round concrete containers that looked like aeration ponds that may have been for water or sewer processing. The house was abandoned and the concrete containers were not in use when we were there, so we used to play around them. We became pretty familiar with Sitka and the neighboring towns as were the paper boys delivering the Minneapolis Sunday paper as well as sale bills for the store at Sitka. Big Bend also contained the Post Office for the surrounding towns." -- Jerry McQuay; Pierre, SD (2006)

   DAKOTA CITY  had the Dakota Service Station and the Dakota Club and the Pigeman's Cafe.

   GATEWAY had the Oasis Drive-in and dining room. A barn served as a skating rink and dance hall.

(1949) - McLean Dairy Co-Op Inc.

This dairy produced over 4,000 quarts of milk a day. It was the only creamery between Minot and Bismarck. A thriving business for many years delivering milk to all towns in the area.


Hugh Solenberger Farm - Underwood, ND

 Hugh Solenberger Farm - Underwood, ND

First U.S. President to visit McLean County

President Dwight d. Eisenhower came to McLean County in 1953 to officially dedicate the Garrison
Dam at Riverdale. Lt. Governor C.P. Dahl is at the podium. North Dakota Governor Norman
Brunsdale is seated next to the President; also State Senator Milton Rue from Burleigh County.

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