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Underwood, North Dakota
History Album #5. = (1960-1979)

Welcome to Underwood, ND

(1963) - Entrance Sign to Underwood

Underwood from Hwy #83 (Courtesy of Heather Johnson) - Gus Johnson's daughter.

(1963) - First views of Underwood, North Dakota

(Courtesy of Heather Johnson) - Gus Johnson's daughter.

(1963) - Entrance to Underwood from State Highway #83.

View of the back of the Underwood School! Underwood Public School!

(1960s) - Two Views of Underwood School

(1978) - Park Inn Cafe

Syl Vonderheide, the unofficial chairman of the Underwood Coffee Club in existence for over 25 years. Anywhere from 9 to 20 people show up for a morning or afternoon coffee session, and play a 'number game' to see who would pay for the coffee.

(1978) - The Waterhole Cafe

Organized in 1976, the Waterhole, a fast food store was started by Wade Landgren in partnership with Mike Norland, and opened in 1977.

(est. 1912) - Evander Drug Store

(1962) - Percy Evander receiving a plaque from the Rexall Company
(In appreciation and recognition of his store's of his store's long association with Rexall.)

In 1912, the late Joe and Emma Evander purchased the drug store from George McCullen. It was destroyed by fire in 1921, and was rebuilt at the same location. Percy joined his parents at Evander's Pharmacy in 1936, and operated the store with his wife, Lorraine "Larry" (Brakke) assisted by Carol Weber. The store was sold to Earl Chase in 1968 when Percy retired.

(1978) - Evander Rexall Store

(1981) - Mona Snyder and Mrs. Larry Evander

(1978) - Diamond Jubilee Souvenirs

Kim Tollefson, Delila Repnow  |  Syl Vonderheide

 (1903-1978) -  75 Years - "Diamond Jubilee"
        UNDERWOOD - Jubilee PARADE     

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