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Underwood, North Dakota
History Album #6. = (1980-1999)

(1980) - Main Street

(1993) - Aerial View of Underwood

North Dakota Statehood (1889-1989)

(1989) - City Hall of Underwood

City Hall - Once a Center for all Community Events!



- Underwood City Hall

Underwood City Hall, for many decades, served the community as a 'Gathering Place': a place for special events, food sales, dinners, Traveling Minstrel Shows, roller skating, dances, etc.

Behind, and attached to the Hall was the Underwood Volunteer Fire Department and at the very back was the city jail built of stone.

The Hall burned down a few years ago, but memories of times past will live on for many of us.

(1989) - City Hall of Underwood

City Hall  Stage and Movie Screen

City Hall  |  Movie Screen with Advertisers


Rose Theater - Operated for many years by Grant Roseth

The Rose Theater

Many of us UHS graduates saw some wonderful movies (shows) at the Rose Theater on Main Street in Underwood, owned and operated by the Roseth Family.

Most recently the Rose served as an Art Gallery and Pet Shop.

Rose Theater - Underwood, ND

(1989) - The Rose Theater

(2010) - Theater is now "Sophia's Fancies"

(2013) - New Life for ROSE Theater
(News Article in Minot Daily News - Click HERE )

Huge Movie Projector of the Rose Theater in Underwood for many years. This projector is now on display at the McLean County Historical Society Museum in Historic Washburn, ND, along with several movie posters of movies in the 1950s.

Remember these old movies?

-  "American Grafitti"
-  "Airport"
(w/Dean Martin)
-  "My Name is Nobody"
-  "Animal Crackers"
(w/Marx Bros.)
-  "Butch Cassidy and
     the Sundance Kid"
-  "Rooster Cogburn"
(w/John Wayne)
-  "The Front Page"
(w/Jack Lemmon)
-  "Waldo Pepper"
(w/Robert Redford)
-  "Lucky Lady"
(w/Liza Minelli)
-  "Jaws"
- "A Boy Ten Feet Tall"
(w/Edward G. Robinson)
- "Disorderly Conduct"
 (w/Jerry Lewis)
-  "The Man from Gun Hill"
(w/Kirk Douglas-Anthony Quinn)
-  "Circus World"
(w/John Wayne-Rita Hayworth)
-  "McHales Navy"
(w/Ernest Borgnine-Tim Conway)
-  "Charade"
(w/Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn)
-  "Island of the Blue Dolphins"
-  "Father Goose"
(w/Cary Grant, Leslie Caron)
-  "Shenandoah"
(w/James Stewart)
-  "Mary Poppins"
(w/Julie Andrews)

 The Old Golf Course

(1960) - Winner Claude Mummert (center), Syl Vonderheide and Eddie Hoff (runner's up)

Underwood Hotel and Cafe - Operated by Rose Leibel Underwood Park, next to the Hotel

(1989) - Rose Liebel's Hotel - Garden on Main St.

(2010) - Underwood Hotel Today

Old Underwood Hotel Staff


Prairieview Nursing Home

(2010) - Prairie View Nursing Home.

(2010) - Underwood Clinic

"Everybody Loves a Parade!" "Parade should be turning on to Main St. soon!"

(1989) - Waiting on Main Street for a parade by Roseth's Rose Theater!

Evander's Drug Store

(1989) - Evander's -- an after-school soda fountain!

North Dakota Statehood - 100 Years

(1989) - Water Tower Landmark

A Famous Landmark

Underwood Ford

Underwood Body Shop Charles and Colleen Peck's garage and City Water Tower

(1989) - Underwood Body Shop and view of Water Tower.

Remember the old Soo LIne Railroad! Webmaster's father used to manage the Farmers Elevator

(1989) - Soo Line Railroad, Underwood Depot and Farmer's Elevator.

(1989) - An Underwood Landmark For Sale

Borchardt's Rock House!

(1984) - A Late April Snowstorm

Courtesy of Alice Borchardt-Stitt, Class of '52 Courtesy of Alice Borchardt-Stitt, Class of '52

(1991) - New Business established in Underwood

Scissors Shak Beauty Shop Interior

Owned by Arlene Arndt since 1991

"Scissor Shak" - Underwood Beauty Shop
(Once a blacksmith shop, formerly the Hair Affair and the first office for the Falkirk Mine.)

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