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Underwood, North Dakota
History Album #7. = (2000-2003)

(2003) - Aerial View of our Hometown!

(2002) - Senior Center receiving a fresh coat of paint!

(2002) - Underwood Volunteer Fire Department

(2002) - Underwood Volunteer Fire Department

(2003) - New Planters on Main Street

Borchard Rock Buildings Main Street Underwood,1927
In 1920 Emil G. Borchardt had a small battery shop and a garage, his mechanic was Ed Wilke. Emil built up the stone buildings above and others of stone around Underwood. He was on the city board and served as mayor of Underwood at one time. He died in 1953 at the age of 80 years.

(2002) - Built in 1927 - Demolished 75 years later

Disappearing Dental and Doctor's Offices of Days Past! Demolition of Main Street Memories (taken from the alley)

Underwood Main Street of Old is Disappearing!

Main Street is Disappearing!

(2003) - "Chief Ironside"

Giant Crane

Falkirk Mine's dragline crossing Hwy 83

Underwood City Cemetery

Entrance to Underwood Cemetery




Each of us probably has a relative or friend, or know of a friend or acquaintance resting here. This well-groomed cemetery has always been well cared for by the Underwood Cemetery Association that gratefully accepts donations in memory or appreciation of friends and loved ones.





Underwood Cemetery - July, 2003

(2003) - Centennial Celebration and All-School Reunion

July, 2003 = All School Reunion! Underwood Public School - Underwood, North Dakota

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