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Photo Memories Album #3.

(1956) - The Outlaw Trading Company

Owner: Syl Vonderheide

(1975) - Radke's Fairway Foods

(1978) - Carl Radke

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Radke purchased the Outlaw Trading Co. from S.J. Vonderheide in 1962 and operated it with their sons Curtis, Richard and Eugene. In 1966, the store became affiliated with Fairway Foods of Fargo and the name changed to Radke's Fairway.

Carl and Esther Radke  |  Curt, Eugene and Rich Radke

Elaine Scheer, Dorothy Boger, Doreen Radke, Mary Hoff, Piquetta Heger   
Chuck Stadick, Jerry Boatz, Dave Scheer

(1978) - R & S Oil Company (est. 1925)

One of Underwood's oldest businesses was established in 1925 by Henry and India Rasmusson Sr. and Dave Schuh.  Dave sold his interest in 1939, and in 1952, Herb Gutnecht leased the station until 1957.  In 1959 Bob Rasmusson bought back the bulk plant and his brother Hank joined the business in 1963.

Bob and Hank Rasmusson

Robert Schock, Terry Brown, Judy Binkley, Gordon Meiners,
Dietta Heger, Jim Hatzenbuhler, Scott Olson

(1978) - Knudtson Implement, Inc.

In 1929 Knudtson Implement, Inc. was established in Coleharbor by Donald Knudtson. It was later moved to Underwood and a new facility was built in 1952. Max Guenthner purchased the business in 1963.

Melvin Herdt, Earl Cottingham, Max Guenthner

Sigrud Jamtgaard, Doug Wagner, Doris Cottingham

Donald Landenberger, Tom Heger, Fred Eman, LeRoy Johnson, Hi Leigang, Dennis Cottingham

(1975) - Art Wohl


(1978) - Shorty Preisinger

City Auditor, Q.O. Sayler

(1975) - Underwood Mayor, Max Guenthner

(1978) - Underwood Cleaners

Underwood Dry Cleaners was purchased from Curtis Nutz in 1977 by Jim and Vicki Lizius. Another previous owner ws Neil Walther.

Jim and Vicki Lizius


Ron Fandrick
2224 Ground Squirrel Dr.
New Port Richey, FL 34655-4029

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